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Commercial Dishwashers

The commercial dishwasher, pot & pan washer, and glasswashers are the backbone of any busy kitchen in the hospitality industry. These time-saving devices will allow you to run a clean, safe, and healthy food preparation area that ensures your customers are severed with the cleanest dishes and glasses.

When selecting the commercial equipment that is best suited to your needs it’s important to consider the following:

  • Performance: Ensuring adequate power, economical water usage, machine size, frequency of use, and efficiency.
  • Which Type? Underbench dishwashers; pass through dishwashers, rack conveyor dishwashers, or glass washers. Additional supplies such as dishwasher racks are also available.
  • Health and Safety Inspections: High quality equipment that meets council approval and complies with Food Safety Standards.
  • Sanitation: Ensuring clean cookware and servingware every wash.
  • Support & Warranty: Is it adequate for your business?
  • Ease of Use: Consider how easy it is to operate – does it have one-touch cycle control. Is an effortless self-cleaning function required? And, where will it be positioned within the kitchen for accessibility.

Leading Brands and Latest Model Dishwashers

At CE Catering Equipment, we have a great range of quality, dependable, and powerful commercial dishwashers from our preferred brands Norris and Washtech. These leading brands have been selected by our team of experts drawing from their vast years of experience. We recognise that your business desires equipment that you can trust to deliver excellent performance and reliability.

These commercial dishwashers, pot washers and commercial glasswashers offer peak performance, they easily integrate into any food service environment, as well as being safe, easy to use, maintain and clean. We have models to suit any hospitality business, restaurant, café or eatery.

Our great range of products include the glass washer from Washtech. It has a high speed, a 1 minute rapid cycle, break tank and booster pump ensuring excellent wash and rinse even with low water pressure. We also have the very popular and compact Pass Through Dishwasher from Washtech that can wash 400 plates per hour, is robust stainless steel construction, features auto start on door closure, and fits a 600mm deep bench. As well as the Norris Pot Washer that features either a 2 or 12 minute cycle, double skinned doors, large 550 x 610 basket and energy saving mode.

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Compact Pass Through Dishwasher Washtech M1
Economy Glasswasher Washtech XG
Economy Model Glasswasher Washtech GE
Economy Pass Through Dishwasher Washtech XP
Economy Underbench Dishwasher Washtech XU
High Performance Glasswasher Washtech GM
High Performance Pass Through Dishwasher Washtech M2
Norris BT2000 Heavy Duty Pass Through Dishwasher
Norris BT600 Passthrough Dishwasher
Norris BT700/3 Pass Through Dishwasher
Norris Dishwasher Underbench Cafemaster
Norris Dishwasher Underbench Cafemate
Norris Glassmate Glasswasher
Norris Madison Bantam Dishwasher
Norris Madison IM1000 Pot Washer
Norris Madison IM17 Glasswasher
Norris Madison IM20 Passthrough Dishwasher
Norris Madison IM200 Conveyor Dishwasher
Norris Madison IM5 Dishwasher
Norris Madison IM65 Pot Washer
Norris Madison IM7 Passthrough Dishwasher
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