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Meat Slicers

Meat Slicers

Meat Slicers are an essential item in any kitchen when preparing food, from meats to cheeses, this time saving device will allow you to prepare food quickly and more professionally.

When selecting the meat slicer that is best suited to your needs it’s important to consider the following:

  • Performance: Ensuring adequate power and selecting the right blades for your needs.
  • Safety: Ensuring that all the safety components such as recessed power buttons, guard systems and rubberised feet for better grip.
  • Support & Warranty: Is it adequate for your business.
  • Ease of Use: Is important, consider how easy it is to clean, swap blades and store your meat slicer.

At CE Catering Equipment we have a great range of quality, dependable, and powerful commercial meat slicers from our preferred brands Birko and Noaw. These leading brands have been selected by our team of experts drawing from their vast years of experience. We recognise that your business desires equipment that you can trust to deliver excellent performance and reliability.

These commercial meat slicers perform well, they naturally glide through meats and cheeses with ease, as well as being safe, and easy to use, maintain and clean. We have models to suit any hospitality business, restaurant, café or eatery.

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Grange GRB220C Slicer 220mm Blade
Grange GRB250L Slicer 250mm Blade
Grange GRB300L Slicer 300mm Blade
Noaw Automatic Heavy Duty Meat Slicer 350mm blade NS350HDX
Noaw Extra Heavy Duty Meat Slicer 250mm blade NS250HD
Noaw Extra Heavy Duty Meat Slicer 300mm blade NS300HD
Noaw Extra Heavy Duty Meat Slicer 350mm blade NS350HD
Noaw Gear Driven Meat Slicer 350mm blade NS350HDG
Noaw Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic Meat Slicer 350mm blade NS350HDS
Noaw Heritage Flywheel Meat Slicer Stand NSCIS
Noaw Manual Heritage Flywheel Meat Slicer NS330M
Noaw Meat Slicer 220mm blade NS220
Noaw Meat Slicer 250mm blade NS250
Noaw Meat Slicer 300mm blade NS300
Noaw Vertical Meat Slicer 300mm blade NS300V
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