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Multifruit Speed Control is the perfect juicer for extracting the greatest amount of juice possible out of any type of fruit and vegetable. From apples, kiwi fruit or pineapples to carrots or celery.

Now with more details, more character: with new button and matt finishes, designed to stand out due to its elegance and professionalism.

Its modern centrifuge system and its efficient filtering system allow a high quality, pulp-free juice to be obtained. In addition to its state-of-the-art, elegant and modern image, Multifruit Speed Control is designed to make your life easier by saving time, work and raw material.

Perfect for juice bars, “healthy food” restaurants, pubs, cocktail bars… and for all those locations which wish to provide high-quality, tasty natural juices.

It can extract juice from apples, carrots or pineapples, as well as, cucumbers, celery or ginger...and voilà! The result is a pulp-free high quality juice in just 5”.

  • Brushless motor. Four times better. No friction, no noise. No maintenance. No heat release.
  • Silent and stable. Less than 70dB. Includes Silent Block system to prevent vibrations.
  • Control panel with two speeds. The speed can be regulated according to the hardness of the different fruit and vegetables
  • High autonomy. 13L waste container or Countertop Kit accessory for endless autonomy.
  • Tatanium shredding blade | sharper for longer
  • Dual selector positions: Soft Fruit | Hard vegetables
  • Electronic torque control system, varies its power output as necessary.
  • Non-Drip faucet & Removable drip tray
  • Silent-Block | Anti-vibration System / Quiet operation (< 70dB)
  • Maintenance free Induction Motor, hassle free & longer lasting
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble - no tools required
  • Safety 1 - Dual safety micro switch
  • Safety 2 - Magnetic detector on waste bowl
  • Safety 3 - Thermal protection
  • Dimensions: 29cm x 50cm x 51cm
  • Weight: 15kg

Zumex Multifruit Heavy Duty Juicer

  • $2,557.73 ex GST & Delivery


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