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Making The Perfect Coffee.... Every Time!

Understanding Coffee

Coffee creates experiences and tastes that can leave you with a memorable experience and unfortunately, some you'd rather forget.  There are various roasting styles and bean types, and the way we roast those beans can enhance the flavours dramatically in your preferred style of coffee.  we are going to look at how the different style and type of roasts, as well as the age of the coffee and how it affects the consistency of our daily cup of coffee.

Roasting Profiles

Roasting can vary from light roasts to dark roasts.

Light roasts are light brown with a dry surface, and have a higher acidity.  Light roasts are predominately iused for filter coffee due to the difference flavours that are within this type of roast.  The beans are quite dense and are often dificult to split between your thumb and fingers.  They are usually very aromatic when ground and with very low levels of bitterness but ten to be slightly sweeter in flavour when brewed properly.

Medium roasts have more body and a more balanced acidity and aroma than light roasts.  The flavours developing are of roasted nuts, vanilla and a creamy butter, whilst still maintaining a pleasant acidic flavour.  The colour fo the beans resemble a milky chocolate brown, and the surface is dry with some slight acidity.

Finally, dark roasts are traditionally used to mask defective or lower grade coffees.  By using a dark roast, the coffee has been taken to a point where you can no longer taste any of the intrinsic qualities of what might have been.  The beans often have little to no acidity with a dark oily colour.

Choosing The Roast That Suits You

Choosing a roast can be difficult sometimes as there are various blends, roasts and companies to choose from.  A good analogy that is relevant to coffee "Coffee is like wine, you may like one that I don't like and vice versa, but choose the one your customers like as they are your main selling source".

Customers in cafes can be picky based on their last coffee experience.  Generally, it's safe to recommend a medium blend to start with, as it is the most versatile and offers flavours that go well with milk based drinks, which happens to be around 90% of Australia's coffee consumption!

Understanding The Age Of The Coffee

Although choosing a type of roast offers different flavours but so does the age of a coffee.

You want to offer your customers an experience they will remember and by having fresh coffee, this will certainly be achievable!  Older coffee gets more flavour profile changes compared to its original roast.  Coffee is best used 1-3 weeks after its roast date as it is at its peak.

Try and avoid supermarket coffee as you don't know how long it has been on the shelf and you don't know how good the quality of the coffee is.

Storing Your Coffee Beans

Storage is key to helping make sure your coffee stays at its best.  When unopened coffee can be stored in a cool dry place to make sure that it doesn't draw moisture or heat as this affects the coffee and changes its profile.  The same goes for storing in a fridge, this is not optimal as it draws in moisture also affecting your coffee.  Airtight storage containers help keep your coffee fresh if you don't use it all in one day, by keeping the air out it keeps the coffee that little bit fresher overnight so you can use it the next day.

If you remember these important factors then you will be able to decide what coffee best works in your cafe, restaurant, home or office that will provide a memorable coffee drinking experience that customers or co-workers will rave about!

As mentioned earlier, coffee is like wine.  You need to decide what will keep your customers returning again and again.  There is a large range of options out there so you can always research and ask questions to learn more.

Until the next cup of coffee....  May the coffee forever be in your favour!

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