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Bonn Mircosave Protection Liner for Bonn Commercial Microwave Oven CM1901T/1300T

Reduce costly repairs to your microwave oven by up to 80% by using Microsave by Bonn while also extending the working life of your machine. The Microsave unit is easily removed and washed in the sink or pot washer preventing cross contamination.

Microsave Features:

  • Prevents fat, grease and spills inside your commercial microwave from entering impossible to clean places
  • Prevents rodents such as cockroaches and mice attracted to spattered fat, grease and food particles from living inside the internals of your microwave
  • Stops major damage to the stainless steel cavity caused by arching or sparking
  • Cost effective
  • NSF Approved for the highest of food service standards
  • High quality, durable, pharmaceutical grade TPX polycarbonate

Bonn Microsave Brochure

Product Info
Construction Pharmaceutical grade TPX polycarbonate

Bonn Microsave Protection Liner for Bonn Commercial Microwave Oven CM1901T/1300T

  • Brand: Bonn
  • Product Code: BONN-CM-MICROSAVE
  • $252.54 ex GST & Delivery


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