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Dices, slices, grates, shreds, cuts julienne and crimping slices in a variety of dimensions. Processes up to 80 portions per day/ 2 kg per minute.

Chops, grinds, mixes, purees, blends and minces meat, aromatic butter, dressings, desserts, purees, pates, soups etc.
Bowl gross volume 3 litres.

Slices, shreds, and/or grates fruit, vegetables, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms.  Chops and grinds meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts.  Blends/mixes sauces, aromatic butter, mayonnaise, soups, dressings, thickenings, desserts, etc. 

TYPE  Table top model.  Single phase. 

SPEED CONTROL   Four speeds 500,800,1450,2650 Automatic speed setting (HALLDE AUTO - SPEED).   Automatic stop/restart - function. 

VOLUME  Feed head volume 0.9 litres / 3.6 cups / 1.6 UK pints / 1.9 US pints.  Gross volume of bowl: 3 litres / 12 cups / 5.3 UK pints / 6.4 US pints.  Net volume of bowl, free-flowing liquid: 1.5 litres / 6 cups / 2.65 UK pints / 3.2 US pints 

CAPACITY  Processes up to 2 kgs / 4.4 pounds per min. with the vegetable preparation attachment (feed head).  Suitable from 10 up to 80 portions/day. 

FEEDERS  Half cylinder shaped feed head with hinged push feeder.   Feed tube with pestle for continuous oriented cutting of cucumber, leek, tomatoes, citrus fruit, etc. 

MATERIALS  Machine base of metal.  Vegetable preparation attachment with feed head made of polycarbonate, ejector plate of acetal, cutting tool discs of polysulfone, polyurethane or metal, cutting tool blades of highest quality knife steel.  wVertical cutter/mixer attachment with stainless steel bowl, knife hub of acetal, blades of highest quality knife steel, lid of polycarbonate.

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Product Info
Dimensions 285 x 350 x 585[h]
Empty Weight 8.8 Kg

Combi Cutter Mixer 4 Speed HALLDE CC34

  • Brand: Hallde
  • Product Code: HALLDE-CC34
  • $3,082.50 ex GST & Delivery


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