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Hallde Vertical Cutter/Blender VCM-41

Chops, grinds, mixes, purees, blends and minces meat, aromatic butter, dressings, desserts, purees, pates, soups etc. Bowl gross volume 4 litres.

  • One speed and pulse function
  • Fast and easy cleaning, all loose parts are machine washable
  • Processes all consistencies, raw or cooked/ dry or liquid
  • Patented scraper system for fast and even result
  • Serrated knife blades for long-lasting sharpness
  • Knife unit with exchangeable knife blades
  • Handles, easy moving and storing
  • Table top model
  • Outstanding quality, carefully selected materials

VCM-41 suits kitchens at schools, hospital, military canteen, prison, marine, restaurant, hotel, catering, bakery, fast food restaurants etc.
Perfect for kitchens preparing texture custom food at hospitals, retirement homes etc.The VCM-41 features a 4 litre stainless steel bowl and is ideal for mixing, chopping, vitamizing, blending, etc. The scraper system and lid are of polysulfone construction making them safe for washing in the dishwasher without cracking or crazing.

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Vertical Cutter Kitchen Mixer 1.4L VCM-41 Hallde

  • Brand: Hallde
  • Product Code: HALLDE-VCM41
  • $2,943.75 ex GST & Delivery



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