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Vegetable Preparation Machine RG-200
Processes up to 700 portions per day/ 7 kg per minute. Slices, grates, shreds, dices cuts julienne and crimping slices in a variety of dimensions.

  • Stainless steel cutting tools.
  • Cutting tools with replaceable knife blades.
  • A precise and clean cut.
  • Full moon shaped feed cylinder.
  • Time saving.
  • Efficient start/ stop function for continuous feeding.
  • Leaning design, easy to feed.
  • Built-in tube feeder.
  • Optional feeder enables angle cut slices.
  • Fast and easy cleaning.
  • Handle, enables easy moving.
  • Suitable on a bench but preferably a machine table.
  • Table top model.
  • Exemplary safety.
  • Robust heavy duty machine.
  • Outstanding quality, carefully selected materials.

RG-200 suits in small to medium sized kitchens; bakery, kindergarten, cafe/ bar, catering, home care, hospital, marine, hotel, military canteen, prison, restaurant, school, Fast food restaurant (in store cutting), Supermarkets etc.

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Product Info
Capacity Processes up to 700 portions/day and 7 kg/minute.
Motor 0.37kW One-speed, 120V
Weight 18Kg

Vegetable Prep Machine RG200 Hallde

  • Brand: Hallde
  • Product Code: HALLDE-RG200
  • $3,590.00 ex GST & Delivery


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