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About Us

CE Catering Equipment (CE) has been established for over 40 years. Originally named "Lamont Brothers", the company adopted the new name CE in 1995.

The pillars of the business on which we thrive and grow are great service and great deals.

CE has a large showroom which contains a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment, so please come and visit us. For those clients who cannot visit we can arrange a very prompt call by Makaya with his unrivalled experience in the catering industry. Makaya can quickly evaluate your needs and assist you in finding the right products to help you run your business.

Our staff are our crown jewels with their great knowledge of the industry, what works for customers and how to construct the best solution for your business.

If you have any questions call us on 1300 136 086 or send us a email anytime.

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CE Catering Staff

Greig Horman
Greig is the MD of CE Catering Equipment. He has 30 years experience in sales and business management and comes from an engineering background. Greig has committed the company to growth through modernising the processes of dealing with our customers to ensure a positive result for both parties. 

Makaya Smit

Makaya Smit
Makaya is our external rep. With years of experience as a chef in the hospitality industry, he is well skilled to help you with all of your equipment needs. You might see Makaya's friendly face occasionally as he drops in to meet you, share the latest industry news with you and check on your catering equipment needs.

Lindee Horman

Lindee Horman
Lindee runs the critical 'front office' of CE and will probably take your call and cheer up your day. She has great knowledge of the benchtop equipment and through her personal enthusiasm we have significantly expanded our range of kitchen implements. If we haven't got it Lindee knows where we can get it. As Greig's wife she is very influential in CE business decisions!

Nelle Thorneycroft

Nelle Thorneycroft
Nelle is our 
retail guru with over 15 years of experience working in Europe as well as Australia. If you're looking for advice on any tool related to cake decorating or cooking in general, then Nelle is the person to help you. 

Natalia Soares Carter‚Äč

Natalia Soares Carter
Nat is our queen of marketing! She looks after all areas of our online presence and in particular the CE Catering and SugarTime websites. If you've signed up for our newsletter or chatted with us on Facebook, then it's probably Natalia who you've been in touch with. Originally from Brazil, Natalia is also happy to chat to customers in Portugese if they'd prefer!


Jess O'Brien

Jess O'Brien
Our newest team member, Jess, is also a fabulous cake decorator and has lots of tips and tricks for our cake decorating customers. Jess has been decorating cakes for over 5 years and is happy to answer even the most basic questions.

Frank Upcroft

Frank Upcroft 
Frank is our warehouse manager and oversees the receipt, storage and retrieval of all our stock. But because Frank is also a true all rounder, don't be surprised if he delivers your order, serves you at the counter or takes your call.

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