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Coffee Machines, Grinders & Accessories

Coffee Machines, Grinders & Accessories

Commercial Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines can vary greatly from another with regard to capacity, functionality, cost, and quality, so when purchasing a new coffee machine for a café, hotel, restaurant, or office, you want to make the right decision.  

We know coffee lovers are passionate about their brew, that’s why we stick with the best brand: Boema Coffee Machines! They are built in Australia and they are tough, reliable, and dependable. We provide a range of high quality products for cafes, restaurants, and businesses requiring quality espresso machines, automatic coffee machines and grinders.

When selecting the coffee machine that is best suited to your needs it’s important to consider the following:

  • Size: 1 group, 2 group or 3 group?
  • Capacity/Output
  • Strength, flavour, and taste of coffee produced
  • Automatic or Semi-automatic
  • Warranty
  • Dependability/Durability

As a general rule, 1 Group machines are only used by businesses where coffee isn't a key aspect of their menu, and sales only number between 20-30 coffees per day. A 2 Group machine can average approximately 4 coffees every 2 minutes, while a 3 Group machine can produce around 6 coffees in the same time. These larger machines usually provide additional storage space for cups/mugs above the unit, meaning a bigger unit may actually work to reduce clutter around the coffee machine station.

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Boema Coffee Grinder Zenith Club 230
Boema Conti CC100 1 Group Coffee Machine
Boema Conti CC100 2 Group Coffee Machine
Boema Conti CC100 3 Group Coffee Machine
Boema Conti CG100 Coffee Grinder
Boema Conti Monte Carlo 2 Group Coffee Machine
Boema Conti Monte Carlo 3 Group Coffee Machine
Boema CONTI X-ONE TCI 2 Group Coffee Machine
Boema CONTI X-ONE TCI 3 Group Coffee Machine
Boema Mignon On Demand Coffee Grinder
Coffee Decanter and Jug Warmer SD2 Crown
Coffee Dripolator 24 cups Coffee Machine PO24 UB288 Crown
ECM Barista Coffee Machine

ECM Barista Coffee Machine

Due to its octagonal..

$2,376.01 + GST

ECM Technika Profi VI Coffee Machine
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