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Oil Filtering Machines

Oil Filtering Machines

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Econopump Oil Filtering Machine 15L per minute (EF-MACH35-15W)
Filter Bag 200 Micron Blue Coarse Mesh Medium (AF-BM36TW)
Filter Envelope 4 Micron 360 x 620 50 Pack (AF-ACET1PAPW)
Filter Envelope Pitco 365 x 520 50 Pack (AF-ACET1PAPW)
Filter Frame Only Large (AF-FRACELW)
Filter Frame Only Medium (AF-FRACEMW)
Frymaster Filter Element 550 x 870 Polyester (AF-FRYT5W)
Pitco Filter Paper 446 x 712 Polyester (AF-PITT19AW)
Standard Filter Cones 11 inch (AF-11MC50W)
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Dynamix AC517 Professional Ricer/Masher
Dynamic AC103 Junior Ricer/Masher
Dynamic AC004 Senior Ricer/Masher
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