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Benchtop Equipment

Benchtop Equipment

Reliable benchtop equipment is essential to any food preparation or hospitality business. Bain maries, hot plates, hot dog machines, deep fryers, commercial microwaves, milkshake mixers, pie warmers, dishwashers, and soup kettles are only some of the counter top equipment that we offer online. 

We understand that compact and powerful benchtop equipment is crucial for the demands of any commercial kitchen or catering business, which is why we believe that reliable, high quality, and durable appliances are a great investment in your business. Whether you are a small café or a big restaurant, you will find the right selection of counter top equipment here!

When selecting the benchtop equipment that is best suited to your needs, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Performance: Ensuring adequate power, size and capacity, frequency of use, and efficiency.
  • Safety: Compliance with Food Safety Standards.
  • Support & Warranty: Is it adequate for your business.

CE Catering Equipment only chooses to stock the trusted major brands, such as Moffat, Crown, Bonn, Birko, Roband, and more. These leading brands have been selected by our team of experts drawing from their vast years of food preparation and cooking experience. 

CE Catering Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment and also offers you the opportunity to Rent-Try-Buy through Silver Chef and FlexiRent.

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100 Pie and Food Warmer with Light Roband PW100
50 Pie and Food Warmer Roband PA50
50 Pie and Food Warmer with Light Roband PW50
Aussie Smoke Bloke Cold Smoke Generator
Birko Bain Marie Double With Drain Taps (No Pans)
Birko Bain Marie Single With Drain Tap (No Pans)
Birko Commercial Microwave 1000W 25L
Birko Soup Kettle 9L

Birko Soup Kettle 9L

Birko Soup Kettle 9L..

$142.71 + GST

Birko Vertical Slot Toaster 6 Slice
Boiling Hot Plate 1 X 190mm Roband Model 11
Boiling Hot Plate 1 X 230mm Roband Model 13
Boiling Hot Plate Double 2 X 150mm Roband Model 12
Bonn Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Oven CM-1901T
Bonn Light Duty Commercial Microwave Oven CM-1042T
Bonn Light Microwave 1000W CM-1051T
Buffet Soup Kettle 9L BSK9 Crown
Chef Inox Anti-Jam Steam Pan 1/1 Size 100mm
Chef Inox Anti-Jam Steam Pan 1/1 Size 100mm Perforated
Chef Inox Anti-Jam Steam Pan 1/1 Size 150mm Perforated
Chef Inox Anti-Jam Steam Pan 1/1 Size 20mm
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Dynamix AC517 Professional Ricer/Masher
Dynamic AC103 Junior Ricer/Masher
Dynamic AC004 Senior Ricer/Masher
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