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Knife Sharpening

CE CATERING - Knife Sharpening Service

Our knife sharpener David Turton has been a Chef in the Hunter region for over 30 years, and saw the need for a premium Knife Sharpening Service, set up through the eyes of a Chef!

After perfecting his own method using a slow water cooled grinder, hand stones and a leather honing wheel, he hit the road in 2007 and since, have earned the trust of more than 500 Chefs in more than 150 establishments.

Over the past 5 years, he has also perfected scissor sharpening as well as chisels, garden tools, etc. David has been sharpening our customer’s knives for the past 7 years!

Whether you cook for a living or pleasure, you need your knives to be the sharpest they can be and for the longest possible time!

David can sharpen your knives to your exact required needs, whilst maintaining its original hardness and natural shape.

You can check the knife sharpening dates here on our website and we recommend that you bring your knives (well wrapped of course) the day before and you can pick it up on the next day after 3p.m.

We need to receive the payment in cash at the time of collection. The sharpening prices will vary according to the knife size – it generally ranges from $6.00 to $10.00.

Knife Care & Advice

Once a knife is ground correctly it is up to the user, as to its longevity. Regularly "Steeling" the knife, is the only way to keep it sharp.

•    Steel the knife regularly & before it gets blunt.
•    Use a fine butchers steel.
•    Hone at a fine angle only.
•    Use only minimal pressure on a wooden cutting board.
•    Only put synthetic knife handles in a dishwasher, and avoid blades touching anything.

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